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A customized facial can help you achieve a glowing complexion on demand. A naturally formulated facial begins with a gentle cleansing of the skin followed by a light extraction using steam. This treatment will remove blemishes and leave your skin looking vibrant. Every skin type can benefit from our customized medical-grade facials. As a result of your facial, you will walk out with a radiant glow from only the best active ingredients.

The benefits of a Customized Facial include:

  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tightens enlarged pores
  • Exfoliates dull skin cells
  • Diminishes acne & scars
  • Tightens enlarged pores
  • Purifies pores to reduce blackheads & whiteheads
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin

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Signature Facial

Our Signature Facial is our most popular facial and is customized for your skin type. We cleanse, tone, steam, and massage the face and neck while exfoliating the skin to improve tone and texture. The first part of the facial is the skin analysis using innovative facial equipment that determines your skin type and customizes your products accordingly.

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Express Facial

The Express Facial is the perfect solution for those on the go. With this treatment, your skin will quickly regain its brightness that has been diminished through everyday stress. Invigorate your day with this mini facial that restores your skin’s natural radiance.

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Acne Facial

Our acne facials can help remove impurities, debris, and oil from the skin to reduce acne symptoms. Additionally, it helps unclog pores by removing dead skin cells through exfoliation. Regular Acne facials can help reduce oil production and inflammation of the skin.

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Anti-Aging Facial

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be improved by exfoliating, using antioxidants, and enhancing collagen production to tighten the skin and rejuvenate its complexion. Anti-Aging Facial treatments address aging, stress, and environmental damage.

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Dermaplaning Facial

The technique of dermaplaning involves rubbing your skin gently with a sterile surgical blade and gently removing the dead skin cells. Along with removing dead skin cells, Dermaplaning eliminates fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. In addition to treating dry, rough skin, scarring from acne, uneven skin tone, and mature skin, this procedure is also ideal for treating wrinkles. By dermaplaning, the generation of new cells is triggered, and products can be better absorbed.

*Dermaplaning can be performed as a stand-alone service or an add-on to any of our facials.

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